Feb 10, 2014

Simple Valentine's Day decor!

Since Genevieve came into this world I have become extra festive. It's so much more fun to decorate when you have a little one for some reason. I also really love to craft and I have more of an excuse now ;)

For Valentine's Day this year I wanted to decorate (it was depressing when the Christmas decor came down and we needed something around the living room) just a few simple spots. It's one of my favorite holidays because my loved ones are most important to me. Since I was a little girl my dad has given me a special gift or candy or note and I'm excited to see Gaven and Genevieve begin their Valentine's Day traditions together. Also, like I said, I really love crafting and any excuse to decorate!

First of all, when it comes to "holiday" items or decor, Target "dollar" section IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. I always find great, festive materials there. Then I head over to Michael's and use a few coupons for the rest of my items. (**all Valentine's items are 50% at Michael's RIGHT NOW!**)
I have found that making any kind of garland is my favorite go-to for simple home decor. It covers a lot of space and it fun to layer!

I took these awesome $1 pom-poms and strung them on some yarn (with a yarn needle) that I already had from another project. I also found a cute mini-heart garland and taped some paper heart doilies on it then just taped both up on the window!

I found two bigger heart decorations and hung one in the middle of the window and one above our bookshelf. The one above the window was pricey at $5.99 at Michael's but I used my 40% off coupon on it. (If you don't have the Michael's/Hobby Lobby/JoAnn's app on your smart phone, get it! Use coupons from there every time you shop.) The heart above our bookshelf was in the Target dollar section for $3.

Of course I also had to make valentines to send to all of Genevieve's family members.

I found all of my materials for these at Michael's except for the hot pink with white hearts Washi tape. I found that in the dollar section at Target for $1 and used it to seal the envelopes. I think everyone has gotten them now and most of them have said how much they love and appreciate them! :) I love making people happy and I'm always thinking of our loved ones since we are so far away from them all. This is our little way to let them know that we love them. We also made some really cute Thanksgiving cards and Christmas crafts for loved ones! I'm sad that we don't have nay good excuses for sending cards over the next few months :)

Anyway, we (ok, I) just stamped, decorated and signed some cute little hearts and taped a doily on the back. Super simple and effective. The more hearts the better! ;) I used the left over doilies and hearts for the decor on top of the bookshelf and for the garland. The roses were "just because" flowers from my sweet hubs about a month ago when these photos were taken.



  1. I love the way you decorated for Valentines Day. You are a Sweetie!

  2. So cute Jilli! I LOVE the ball garland!