Feb 25, 2014

One passionate momma.


It all started when my husband and I watched a surprising + sign appear on the pregnancy test in July 2012. 40 weeks and tons of research later, I was in the throws of a natural birth and had completely transformed into what some call a "crunchy" mom. Months after that, I was struggling to find a good on-the-go option for our coconut oil. After melting it down and transferring a bit into a smaller, repurposed jar, I realized that I wanted to help bring this more convenient option to others. 

My wheels started turning and "on-the-go coconut oil" turned into so much more. It turned into late night, iPhone research in bed and many trips to the local "natural foods" store. Testing different oils and solutions.
Cooking blends on the stove.
Figuring out heat is bad.
Throwing batches out the window.

January 2014. A success. 

I arrived at the perfect solution. A beautiful concoction of four, organic effective oils. Most healing: Coconut oil, the perfect emollient: Apricot Kernel oil, working into the skin as deep as possible: Jojoba oil and the most versatile essential oil with umpteen healing properties: Lavender oil. My family used it for weeks and I nervously discussed my ideas of start up with sisters, best friends, parents and husbands. This product had proven itself ten-fold to me. How do I explain this to everyone else? How do I "push" this product that no one knows about especially when they may not understand it? Where do I begin? How do I do this?

February 17, 2014. Here we go!

I worked on a blog post on O+O for over two weeks before I finally released it into the world. My hands were actually shaking as a combination of nerves and excitement overcame me. I shared the post with my Facebook friends and included a link to my BigCartel website to purchase. I was overwhelmed with the support!!!!! I had tears every time I checked my notifications of more and more encouraging comments! I received my first orders. I went to the post office three times the following week!

My first customers are receiving their oils and I've heard nothing but good things. I am thrilled at the feedback so far. I have a long way to go of website building, marketing understanding and design updating but I am so happy to be doing this. I am encouraged and motivated. I love so much that I am bringing a healthy, effective product to you and your families and that is enough for me. My long term goal is to be able to supplement enough income, next to my Air Force husband's, in order to comfortably stay home and raise my baby and give her 100% of myself as I have been doing for the past 5 months. 

Thank you ALL for your support and kind words! I can't wait to share more of this exciting endeavor with you.



  1. Way to go momma!! We are avid coconut oil users here. Rae eats it every night when I put it on her lol. I mayyyy just grab some of yours for on the go purposes tomorrow morning :) I love supporting other moms, esp Air Force mommas who want to stay home with their babies! I'm hoping I can do the same w photography or even camera straps.

    1. Thank you!! I so appreciate the support! I love the camera strap you made!!! It's adorable!! I'm sure there's a major market for it too! If you do that, I'd love to do a giveaway with you or something :)